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Armstrong Builders know that Michigan winters are long and cold.  That’s why with the arrival of warmer weather, comes the desire to spend more time outside.  What could be better than spending the spring, summer and fall months in your very own outdoor living space?

Building a new deck, patio or porch not only adds value to your home, but it adds value to your lifestyle experience.  It’s additional living space for your family, a place for entertaining guests and even a space to relax and enjoy nature.  With designs customized to fit your needs, we make outdoor living comfortable and inviting. 

For over a dozen years, Armstrong Builders has been perfecting our techniques in designing and installing unique outdoor living spaces.  We’ll make sure your space is safe, comfortable and practical.


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Crescent Pool Deck

The Crescent Pool Deck

Rockford, MI

Custom Outdoor Living by Armstrong Builders

The Arbor Deck

Rockford, MI

The Dark Deck

Lowell, MI



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